Saturday AM/PM Report 032815

Saturday AM/PM Report 032815:  Released 6+ bags of de-clutter & broken down bookshelf –definitely creating a  space for abundance. Preparing for next week’s new furnace & AC installation and air duct cleaning at my complex. Fixed a pasta /salmon and pasta salad with flour tortilla slices for Sunday’s All -Bloomington district celebration.

Day 460 health journaling. Day 1555 of AM/PM Chanting. Day 2419 Clear Mirror Guidance and 5 Eternal Guidelines.

HUGS 15-20. Light Therapy: 45 mins. EH 2-2.5 hours. STEPS: 2932. MILES: 1.47. SLEEP: 5-7+. Other 2-3 hours.

Gratitude list. AM Chanting. Morning routine/energy work/deep breathing. Inventory list. PM Chanting.

BFAST: 48/31.5. LUNCH: 60/31. SNACK 30+/7. SINNER: 45/30. EXERS: stretches, squats, chores, release of de-cluttering, cleaning, moving furniture, sweeping, mopping, 100 mini-sits, walking, legs, arms, back, st 8x, sw8x, errands, and other exercises.


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