Fri AM /PM Report 040315

Fri AM /PM Report 040315:Hope everyone had a Fabulous Friday! Nice finish to an incredible week! Lots of great things coming down the pike. Some soon will be coming into fruition.

Day 466 health journaling. Day 1561 AM/PM Chanting. Day 2455 CMG/5eg.

Relaxing and productive day. Talked with a colleague, writing , got an unexpected $5 credit to checking account, outdoors, rest…nice way to start off holiday weekend.

Hugs 25-30.  No light therapy. EH 30 mins. Steps 1800. MILES .9. SC rest, “Me” time, etc. SLEEP 6.5-7 hours. OTHER 2.5-3.0.

Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Inventory List. PM Chanting. Morning routine: energy work, deep breathing etc. Chores.

BFAST: 45/16-18. LUNCH: 45-60/30. DINNER: 45/30+. EXERS: 100 mini-sits, stretches, squats, chores, arms, legs, waist, back, hips, other exercises, moving furniture.


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