Sun AM/PM Report 040515

Sun AM/PM Report 040515: Spent a Splendid Sunny Sunday getting Buddhafied in Indy at monthly Buddhist meeting. Nice drive. Pretty cool seeing the NCAA brackets chart on the Marriott Hotel.  Incredible World Peace Prayer meeting.

1st World Peace Prayer meeting with CPAP felt for the most part rested ( prior  visits for some unknown reason sometimes the night before WPP wouldn’t get much sleep) and didn’t take a nap when got home. Progress. Did sleep later in the evening ( get up early and still 6-7 hours event).

Day 468 health journaling. Day 1563 AM/PM Chanting. Day 2427 CMG/5eg.

HUGS 25-30+. No LT. EH 45 mins- 1 hr.  STEPS 1500. MILES .75 SLEEP 6 hrs OTHER 5.5.  SC WPP, walking , ME time etc.

Gratitude list. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Got Buddhafied. Inventory List. PM Chanting.

BFAST: 45/26.5. LUNCH 44/34. DINNER: 35.5. /17.5.EXERS:100 mini-sits. Stretches, squats, walking Indy, st 6x, stairs 1x, sw 6x. Other exers.


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