Wed AM/PM Report 041515

Wed AM/PM Report 041515: Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday! Was very productive.Great  time getting Buddhafied at weekly district PM chanting session and planning for Sunday’s discussion meeting. No worries. Took a break from posting Fri (4/10)’s Report thru Tues ( 4/14)’s  Report. Still kept up with journal. Just didn’t post on blog or social media ( FB, G+ , Twitter). Day 478 health journaling.  Day 1575 AM/PM Chanting. Day 2438 CMG/5eg.

Will re-cap: doing OK with the food and exercises ( did celebrate some today). Lost 8  pounds or more. Down a pants size. Bros and myself had an enjoyable  Siblings Day. Recharged/rested over weekend, reading, Buddhist Women’s Study meeting. Sun night thru Wed. moving lost of energy and changing lots of karma/doing my human revolution in several areas of my life during this current HUGE energy  shift.

Recognized the need of  being more focused with my AM/PM Chanting, morning routine and fun to stay grounded and maintain a higher life condition.  Monday: Visionary Female Authors, started 21-day Fun First Challenge. Network, making lots of greats contacts.  Writing, planning, creating. No VFA Wed. Went to bed early after chanting and member care.

HUGS 25-28. EH  1.5 hours. Steps 2800. Miles 1.4. SLEEP 5.5 hours. OTHER 2.5 hours.  SC: hot bath/show massager, body roller, exercise, new pants, errands, chanting, etc.

Gratitude list. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Chores. PM Chanting. Inventory list. BFAST: 53/18. LUNCH: 45/30. DINNER: 96/20. SNACK 15+/7+. EXERS: walking, errands, stretches, gen squats, chores, trash, 100  mini-sits, legs, back, rms, waist etc. Stairs 3x. st14/sw 14x and other exercises.


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