How was your Mother’s Day?

How was your Mother’s Day?

chotz(pix of my late mother from the late 50’s-early 60’s)


President Ikeda’s New Year Message 123114 ( English)

SGI President Ikeda’s New Year’s Message for 2015
Spreading Our Hope-Filled Philosophy throughout the World

We have ushered in the Year of Dynamic Development in the New Era of Worldwide Kosen-rufu, committed to spreading the SGI’s hope-filled philosophy of respect for the dignity of life even more widely throughout our blue planet, the grand stage of our endeavors.
All of you, the members of the SGI, are striving earnestly to contribute to the welfare of society as good citizens in the respective places of your mission. Wishing each of you peace and happiness in the year ahead, I pray that you will make 2015 a truly meaningful year of dynamic development filled with good fortune, health, and joy.
It was 740 years ago, in a troubled age when society was racked by war and natural disasters, that Nichiren Daishonin wrote: “Can there be any doubt that, . . . the great pure Law of the Lotus Sutra [Nam-myoho-renge-kyo] will be spread far and wide throughout Japan and all the other countries of Jambudvipa [the entire world]?”(WND-1, 550). This was the unshakable conviction and monumental vision of the Daishonin, who wished for the peace and happiness of all humankind. And we of the SGI have affirmed this conviction and made his vision a reality.
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, a conflict that resulted in unprecedented destruction and loss of life.
On July 3, 1945, just before the war came to an end in Japan, second Soka Gakkai president Josei Toda was released from prison. Along with his mentor, first president Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, he had been arrested and detained for opposing Japan’s militarist authorities, refusing to compromise his beliefs. As the true disciple of Mr. Makiguchi, who died in prison, Mr. Toda stood up amid the ruins of war-ravaged Japan. He declared his intent to relieve people of suffering, asserting that the time to embark on kosen-rufu and change the destiny of humankind had arrived.
Recalling this courageous declaration that Mr. Toda made seven decades ago, let us further strengthen and solidify our network of global citizens built on friendship and trust, transcending differences of ethnicity and culture, as we aim for the dynamic development of kosen-rufu—that is, the peace and harmonious coexistence of all humankind.
Last year, I published a dialogue with the Australian peace scholar and poet Stuart Rees. In it, Dr. Rees speaks of a photograph taken in Sydney (in 2000) of Nelson Mandela (1918–2013), who was a dear friend of mine. The photograph shows Mr. Mandela smiling as he commends the achievements of two Australian women who had worked tirelessly to advance the cause of human rights and peace.
Dr. Rees shared that one of these women, Dr. Stella Cornelius (1919–2010), founder of the Conflict Resolution Network, constantly encouraged people to say “and” rather than “but.” She did this, he explained, based on her awareness that while “but” tends to be a preface to pessimistic remarks, “and” is more likely to be followed by positive words that offer a constructive solution to a problem.1
Certainly, when faced with a difficult challenge, people are likely to give in to feelings of powerlessness, saying, “I’d like to try, but it’s not realistic” or “I wish I could, but the
1 Cf. Stuart Rees and Daisaku Ikeda, Heiwa no Tetsugaku to Shi-gokoro o Kataru (A Dialogue on Peace Philosophy and the Poetic Spirit), (Tokyo: Daisanbunmei-sha, 2014), p. 277. The remarks of Dr. Rees are based on his original English text. Continue reading

Mon AM/PM Reports 122214 Days 361a/361b

Mon AM/PM Reports 122214  Days 361a/361b: TOTAL STEPS: 1500. TOTAL MILES: .72. SLEEP: 8.75-9.75 hours. BED: Sun-Mon 8.75//Mon-Tues 8-8.75 hours.

Very proactive in health and well-being.  Joyous Conversation with one of my brothers. It was nice to be heard.

Celebrated Chanukah with a friend who brought potato latkes ( pancakes) over and fixed a healthy gourmet salad: romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, roasted artichokes,  mushrooms, orange and yellow bell peppers etc. and a frittatta: mushrooms, eggs, spinach, bells, ham, cheese etc. ( See Day 7 Chanukah picture).

Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Inventory list. PM Chanting. BFAST: 48-52/9.5-13. LUNCH: 33.5/18. DINNER: 43-46/28+. EXERS: stretches, gen squats, stairs 2x, 100 mini-sits, st 6x, sw 6x, inclines 2x, other exercises for arms, waist, legs etc.


Happy Chanukah (day 7) 122314

Happy 7th day of Chanukah



Potato latkes served with unsweetened apple sauce. Latkes cooked in  peanut oil. Salad: romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, yellow & orange bell peppers, and roasted artichokes, dollop onion dip. Frittatta: eggs, spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, ham and mozzarella cheese cooked in olive/soy oil mix.