Today’s Inspiration May 25. 2015

Daily Encouragement Daisaku Ikeda May 25th from For Today and Tomorrow

The heart is most important of all. In his classic, Antoine Saint-Exupéry writes: “It’s is only with the heart one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” It is just as he says. We cannot always tell something is genuine with our eyes. Only by looking with the heart can we discern the true essence.


Thurs AM/PM Report 043015

Thurs AM/PM Report 043015: I hope everyone had a thrilling and thriving Thankful Thursday! Lost 10 more pounds and 129 more inches ( 35-months lost 971.5 inches).

Took part of the day off for “Me” time and chores. It was a very productive day creating and writing–worked on my book projects and marketing materials.

HUGS 22-25. LT 30 mins. STEPS 1000-1800. MILES .5-.9 SLEEP 7-8.5+ hours. SC: “Me” time, gratitude list, inventory list, AM/PM Chanting, morning routine,  etc.

BFAST 49/18. SNACK 4/3.5. LUNCH 15-21/26-48. DINNER: 60-61/30-35. EXERS: 100 mini-sits, stretches, 300 ( 3×100) arm/wall, squats, walking, other exercises, chores.


Wed AM/PM Report 042915

Wed AM/PM  Report 042915: took a break from health journaling/posting Fri 4/24 thru Tues 4/28. Journaled for 487 days straight. Starting a new Day 1.

Hugs 25+. No Light Therapy. Exer Hrs: 30-45 mins. SLEEP/OTHER: 4.5-7. SC: rest, AM/PM Chanting, gratitude/inventory lists, morning routine, chores. STEPS 3000. MILES: 1.5 miles.

Spreading messages of love, beauty, positivity and living one’s truth. Writing, scheduling, planning and more. Rough night -low pressure/slept funny/other-this too shall pass and should get a good night’s sleep tonight.

BFAST 49/13. LUNCH 64.5/19.5. DINNER: 45/26. SNACK 16/14.5. EXERS: stretches,  squats, 100 mini-sits, other exercises, st 10x, sw 10x, chores, etc.



Thurs AM/PM Report 042315

Thurs AM/PM Report 042315: Feeling better…got lots of stuff/work done…rest.

Day 486 health journal. Day 1582 AM/PM Chanting. Day 2345 CMG/5eg.

HUGS 20-25. LT 30 mins. EH 20-30 mins. STEPS 800-1200. MILES .4-.6. SLEEP: 6-8 hours. OTHER: 1.5-2 hours. SC: reading, rest, etc. Gratitude list, AM/PM chanting. Morning routine. Inventory list.

BFAST 45/14. LUNCH 45/20-30. DINNER 45/34.5.  SNACK 15+/7+. EXERS: 100 mini sits???. other exers, walking, stretches, chores, squats.

Wed AM/PM Report 042215

Wed AM/PM Report 042215: Basic posting, reading, research, errands, rest ( felt under the weather–achy, low grade fever, tired). Chanted from home.

Day 485 health journal.  Day 1581 AM/PM Chanting. Day 2344 CMG/53g. Day 10 FFC.

HUGS 25-30. LT: 30 mins. EH 30-45 mins.  STEPS 800-1200. MILES .4-.6. SLEEP  6-7 hours. OTHER 2.5-4.5. Other SC: rest etc. Gratitude list. AM/PM Chanting. Inventory list. Morning routine.

BFAST 45/12. LUNCH 45/30+.  DINNER 45-60/30. SNACK 15+/10+ EXERS: stretches, squats, 100 mini-sits???, other exercises, walking, st 10x, sw 10x.

Tues AM/PM Report 042115

Tues AM/PM Report 042115: Another productive day this Terrific Tuesday! Writing, client work, reading, researching, creating, scheduling and more.

Day 484 health journaling. Day 1580 AM/PM Chanting. Day 2343 CMG/5eg.

HUGS 25-30. LT  2hours.  STEPS 1500-1800 . MILES .75-.9. EH 45 mins. SLEEP 6-7 hours. OTHER 2.5 hours. SC gratitude list, AM/PM Chanting,  deep breathing, affirmations, energy work, inventory list, rest, me time, FFC, etc.

BFAST 51-52/16.5. LUNCH 45-60/25-30. DINNER 45-60/30. EXERS: 100 mini-sits, chores, stretches, squats, other exercises, walking.

Mon AM/PM Report 042015

Mon AM/PM Report 042015: Creating my own merriment and sunshine today! Very productive day on all fronts. Lots of writing, letting go of what no longer suits me for my highest good, reading, creating, planning, scheduling, KIMF, etc.

Day 483 health journaling. Day 1579 AM/PM Chanting.  Day 2342 CMG/5eg.

HUGS 25-30. Light Therapy 30 mins. EH 45 mins-1.5 hours  SLEEP: 7-8 hours. OTHER 1.5 hours. SC: gratitude list, AM/PM chanting, inventory list, deep breathing, energy work,  affirmations, fun time, me time , VFA,  exercise, walking, rest etc.

BFAST: 42.5-45.5/9-11.5.  LUNCH: 25-28/25-30. SNACK: 25-28/9-12. DINNER 45/22. EXERS: stretches, squats, 100 mini-sits, walking , other exercises, stairs 2x, st/sw 8x x2, incline 2x.


Sun AM/PM Report 041915

Sun AM/PM Report 041915: Enjoyed the rain while out and about. Great Buddhist discussion meeting–11 folks with 2 guests. The afternoon was relaxing and refreshing.

Day 482 health journaling. Day 1578 AM/PM Chanting. Day 2341 CMG/5eg.

HUGS: 25-30. LT 30 mins. EH 45  mins-1 hr. SLEEP: 5-5.5 0 hours. OTHER 3-4.5 hours ( energy shift). STEPS 1500. MILES.75.  SC fun time, me time, gratitude list, AM/PM chanting, affirmations, energy work, deep breathing, inventory list, district mtg, rest, etc.

BFAST 43/26.5. SNACK 23-32/6-8.  LUNCH 46.5+/14.5. DINNER: 45/30. EXERS: stretches, squats, 100 mini-sits, chores, other exercises. Stairs 4x. ST/SW 4x x2.


Sat AM/PM Report 041815

Sat AM/PM Report 041815: Sunny Saturday Spring Salutations!

Day 481 health journaling. Day 1577 AM/PM Chanting. Day 2440 CMG/5eg.

Some posting and other writing/work, outdoors, great phone chat with a friend, chores–got laundry done WAHOO, rest, member care etc. Not online as much during the regular week.

HUGS 25+.   EH 30-45 mins. STEPS 1500-1800. MILES: .754-.9. SLEEP 5.5 hours. OTHER 3-4 hours.  SC: exercise, rest and other “ME” time, etc.

Gratitude list. AM Chanting. Inventory list. PM Chanting. Morning routine.

BFAST: 45/14.  LUNCH 45/26-30. SNACK 23/3. SNACK 19/12. DINNER 52/29. SNACK 19/7.  Get back to one  snack unless freebies. EXERS:stretches, squats, trash, laundry, walking, outdoors, st 4x, sw 4x and other exercises.

Fri AM/PM Report 041715

Fri AM/PM Report 041715: Fabulous Friday writing, reading, moving lots of energy, and other work, outdoors, etc.

Day 480 health journaling. Day 1576 AM/PM Chanting. Day 2439 CMG/5eg.

HUGS: 25-28. Light Therapy 30 minutes. Exer Hrs 1.5 hours. STEPS 2800. MILES 1.4 miles.  SLEEP 8.0+ hours. OTHER 1-2 hours. SC reading, writing,  outdoors, rest, other “ME” time.

Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Inventory list. PM Chanting.BFAST 48.5/13. LUNCH 45/30. SNACK 19/12. DINNER 45/30. SNACK 24-29/12. EXERS: stretches, squats, 100 mini-sits, chores, walking and other exercises.