Today’s Inspiration May 25. 2015

Daily Encouragement Daisaku Ikeda May 25th from For Today and Tomorrow

The heart is most important of all. In his classic, Antoine Saint-Exupéry writes: “It’s is only with the heart one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” It is just as he says. We cannot always tell something is genuine with our eyes. Only by looking with the heart can we discern the true essence.


Tues AM Report 030315 Day 431a #ChoosingHappiness

Tues AM Report 030315 Day 431a: Good Morning! Terrific Tuesday Tidings to ALL!

This morning launches the 2nd leg of the #ChoosingHappiness book series with announcing of their upcoming video series with 30 incredibly amazing women bearing their souls in 30 video interviews full of hope and inspiration and 42 transformational gifts.

Click on the monitor screen to sign up today!

PrintAfter watching and listening to these remarkable stories, you will want to order the book, ” Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness, ” to read more about these 30 awesome women.



Determination and Illusion

When one makes a determination to achieve something, all obstacles are an illusion. They are there to distract us off course. They are not real. They are some made-up concept we have created based on societal constructs.

If this is so, then why do we create such a situation? Because of some conditioning, we have all believed at one time or another that we are not worthy of such an achievement.

How do we change this? By changing our thoughts, words, beliefs and actions.When we make a paradigm shift, then everything shifts in the direction of our intended goal.

Positive thoughts, words, beliefs and deeds bring about positive results. Negative thoughts, words, and actions will bring about negative results.

If think I am going to fail, I will. If I think I will succeed, I will. Either way, we create our reality from what send out to be manifested. Our environment is a direct reflection what we put out there.

So, the real illusion isn’t the light being on the other side of the tunnel, it is the tunnel. The light is always there and around us. We just forget that.


I Am–An Every Woman Visionary….the Spirited Woman….Day 9

I am–An Every Woman Visionary….who brings light where there is darkness.

I am–An Every Woman Visionary…who empowers those I encounter by my mere presence .

I am—An Every Woman Visionary….who can see the beauty and goodness in others and in the world when others cannot.

I am—An Every Woman Visionary…who inspires others to shine.

I am–An Every Woman Visionary!

I Am Inspired by….The Spirited Woman….Day 7

I Am Inspired by…

I Am a Spirited Woman….The Spirited Woman….Day 6


Sat AM /PM Reports 120614 Day 345a/Day 345b

Sat AM /PM Reports 120614  Day 345a/Day 345b: TOTAL STEPS & MILES: ????. TOTAL SLEEP: 11.5hours+. Gratitude List. AM Chanting. Morning routine. Inventory List. PM Chanting.  Got some good orderly direction ( a meeting). BFAST: 45g/14g. LUNCH: 45g/26g. SNACK: 15g+/7g+. DINNER: 42g/24g.EXERS: stretches, squats, st2x, stairs 2x, sw 2x, incline 2x, chores and other exercises.

I am Empowered….The Spirited Woman…Day 5

I Am Empowered…each and every moment!* ~Liz Who Motivates
*the lotus flower is the Buddhist symbol for cause and effect. It is also the only plant known in existence to seed and blossom at the same time in murky waters.


I Am Speaking My Truth….The Spirited Woman 2014…Day 2

“Today. I am speaking and living my truth with ease and confidence!”

~Liz Who Motivates

I Am Unstoppable….The Spirited Woman 2014…Day 1



I: Illuminated, Impeccable, Imaginative, Interesting, Important, Ingenious, Inventive, Innovative, Invigorating, Impassioned, Infinite

A: Awesome, Abundant,  Accepting, Acknowledging, Affirming, Aspiring, Altruistic, Artistic, Active, Approachable

M: Magnificent, Magical, Mystical, Magnetic, Meritorious, Miraculous, Momentous, Methodical, Meditative

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